Eliminate Minimum Wage Mindset!

minimum wage mindset pic

Okay, so I know I might get some backlash from this post, but whatever!  I just really need to get this out there.  I made a post earlier about minimum wage and some of the advantages, disadvantages, and logical reasoning around the enforcement of minimum wage.  The point of this post is not to discuss why we should or should not have minimum wage and what that wage should be, but rather to discuss the minimum wage mentality.

I absolutely despise minimum wage mentality!  It’s horrible and it literally blocks one from achieving greatness.  Please do not misinterpret my message.  I’m not saying that people who make minimum wage are bad.  I’m not saying that people who make minimum wage have bad mindsets.  I’m not saying that minimum wage laws should not be enforced.  I’m saying that the minimum wage mentality, that mentality of entitlement and expecting some organization to provide for you and guarantee your success, is pure garbage!

The idea that we should be given money on a silver platter, without having earned it, is a mindset that is guaranteed to grant us mediocrity if not complete failure.  The problem with a lot of people in a variety of industries is that desire of instant gratification.  I’m certainly guilty of it from time to time, as I feel most people are.  In our society we have that microwave mindset.  We want things now, now, now and NOW!  When we go to the gym, we want a six-pack after just 1 day of training.  When we read the latest PhenQ review on the internet and make that purchase, we expect to lose weight in one day!  When we go out on a date with someone we like, we expect them to fall in love with us on the first date! This same desire of instant gratification carries through with money as well!

We want money now and we want it fast!  We want money without having to work for it.  We want a guaranteed amount of pay even if we haven’t worked our way to that level of pay!  That mindset of entitlement and instant gratification is simply wrong!  In my opinion, if you’re complaining about minimum wage and complaining about the pay of your job, you should be ashamed of yourself!

Why are you settling for minimum wage in the first place?  Why would anyone want to live on minimum wage for the rest of their life?   I think minimum wage is a good place to start because everyone needs to start somewhere, but minimum wage is not where should strive to end up.  In my opinion we should all be striving for excellence!  I understand that not everybody wants to be rich, but at the same time, we shouldn’t settle for minimum wage type of opportunities for our entire life.  If we’re not satisfied with minimum wage, the best solution is not to complain about it or try to boost the minimum wage so that you can make more money; rather, the best solution is to constantly add value to yourself so that you can obtain opportunities that will pay you more than minimum wage (hopefully significantly more).

Again, I understand that some of you may disagree with my view, but I’m just a strong believer in ascending beyond mediocrity.  Don’t have an entitlement mentality.  Instead, we should all be striving to have an upward mobile mindset of being all that we can be!